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So this weekend my sista from another mista and Trey’s God mommy, Jessica, visited us.  The last time we saw each other was for Trey’s  baby dedication back in 2014, so her visit was well overdue and much anticipated. When I tell you we had such an amazing weekend just relaxing in the house, playing with the kids (her two daughters and my 2 sons), and just catching up on everything..it was perfect! I love this woman. Not only is she a fabulous mom of two gorgeous, smart and funny girls but she is such an amazing and beautiful wife, sister, daughter, God mom and friend. I truly admire her strength and the love she shows others including me and my family. We met about 12 years ago when we were singing in a girl group together. She’s been such a blessing to me ever since the day we met. This weekend we reminisced about us writing songs and singing in the studio together and all the fun times we shared all throughout the years before marriage and kids were in the picture.  Those memories brought smiles to our faces and lots of laughs. We have such a beautiful history and this weekend we had an opportunity to add to the many beautiful memories we share. When ever we do get together, there is ALWAYS some singing involved….always! Of course we HAD to sing and remix a song and we decided to record it…we planned on doing our hair and makeup for the video so we got all dolled up Saturday night only to be so tired after writing the remix lyrics, playtime with the kids, feeding the kids and putting them to bed that we washed our perfectly made up faces and went to bed. This morning we woke up sans makeup with bed head hair and said …ok let’s do the video. So we did! And we had so much fun shooting the video..the outakes are even funnier. So glad I can make these type of memories with my friends. Moments like these remind me that no matter how long we don’t see each other, the love never fades when you have a genuine friendship and love for one another. Love never fails. Ok so this post is longer than I planned to write so let’s get to the video. Check out our Mommy Remix version  to Rihanna’s hit song Work!  Enjoy! 😚

Xo Adrianne

click on the link below:

Work (Mommy remix) video
Photos of the fam this weekend.



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