The Munroes Holiday Photoshoot

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It’s the first day of December and oh am I so excited! December is my favorite month of the year not only because of the Christmas Holiday but also because its both me and Trey’s  Birthday month too! December 11th  and December 6th, respectively. Just in case you didn’t know, now ya do! 😁Where all my Sagis at?!

I’m also excited because this is Tristan’s First Christmas! He’s old enough to enjoy all the wonder and excitement this day brings. I remember like it was yesterday watching Trey on his Second Christmas (he was only 3 weeks old on his First Christmas so he was too young to enjoy the day), mesmerized by the tree, the lights, ornaments and the presents! I can’t wait to see Tristan’s excitement this year on his First Christmas Day.

So about the holiday photos…My husband and I took the kids for a photoshoot a few weeks ago for our holiday pictures. I had imagined all these amazing images in my head and how easy it would be to get the perfect photo for our Christmas Card this year…uh no, didn’t happen that way! Lol. Trying to get Tristan to smile for the photos was not an easy task. Any other time he’s smiling away and just happy and bubbly. Well not this time. He stared at the photographer  for most of the shoot as if he was saying “who are you and why are you pointing that big old camera at me.” He wouldn’t budge until I started to tickle his neck and bounce him around. Finally! We got a smile! 🙂 I honestly wished I would have got all the behind the scenes and outakes from the shoot. Would have been so cool and a great laugh looking back at them over the years.

Trey, on the other hand, was smiling so big in ALL the photos. Seriously, he lives for this kinda of stuff.  He really loves taking photos and he couldn’t wait to pose with the props.

Overall, our First Family of four  Photoshoot went really well. It was short and sweet and we got some really nice photos, and most importantly, memories that will last forever. ❤️

I cant wait to mail our Christmas card to family and friends this week. 🤗

In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of our 2016 Holiday Photos below:


image image image


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