The Munroe Family 2018 Holiday photoshoot.

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Hey fab mamas,

Hope you all are ready for the Holiday celebrations. I’m so behind on Christmas gift shopping! Uggh, I’ll get it together this week, I promise. So, if you follow me on social media, then you know I love taking photos. Not just of myself but of my family. My two boys Trey & Tristan take the cutest pictures and I love how their personality comes out in the photos.

This past Tuesday, on my birthday, I wanted to take family holiday photos. Last year we did an outdoor photoshoot and the pictures were amazing. This year we opted to stay indoors (it’s cold y’all) and went to JC Penny Portrait studio in Colombia, Maryland. We did our 2016 Holiday Pictures there too so I knew what to expect. We got pretty good pics in 2016 so I knew we’d get some good ones this year too!

Little did I know, my 3 year old wasn’t in the picture taking mood this time around. LOL. When I tell you we were having the hardest time trying to get Tristan to smile, it was like pulling teeth. No exaggeration.

I mean we all were getting frustrated. To the point where we were ready to end the shoot 15 minutes in. Tristan was having a melt down. I was melting down. We all were melting down haha. Nah, but somehow we were able to finish the shoot, an hour later AND after a change of photographers. We ended up choosing the last photo we took for our Holiday Card (Sorry that pic is not featured in this post).

If I could take one thing away from this years holiday photoshoot experience, it would be don’t give up! Had we ended the shoot prematurely, we wouldn’t have gotten that last shot that made our Christmas Card! 🙂

Here’s some of the photos we took that I thought were nice. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Comment below if you already took your family holiday photos. I would love to hear your family photo story and how it went.

Until next time,





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