Momin’ Ain’t Easy!

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momin aint easy

There is no one like mom.

I mean really, moms are the absolute best there is. Growing up, I hated when my mom would tell me what to do. Especially when she said she was telling me “for my own good.” Now, looking back, I wish I had listened to her because I later realized she was right, all the time! Now being a mom, I know how much she sacrificed, how much she wanted to protect my siblings and I and how much she loves us. Love you mom… You shaped me into the woman and mom I am today. Thanks for showing me by example how to pray, how to love, and how to forgive. I still have lots of work to do..but God ain’t done with me yet! I will always be thankful for my mother’s unconditional love, support and encouragement. God knew exactly who I needed as a mom and I’m extremely blessed to have such a wonderful, sweet mom. This year, I celebrated my 4th Mother’s Day. Each year that passes, I learn more about myself as a woman and mom and have gained so much respect for my own mom and all moms that I meet.  Momin’ ain’t easy but it’s oh so worth it!

To all the moms across the world, you are loved. There is no one like mom. Stay Fabulous!

My beautiful mom and I. I don’t remember what year this was. I grew up in Brooklyn, NY at this highrise apartment where this picture was taken. Brings back so many memories of my life growing up in the big apple. mom and me 3

Since becoming a mom in 2013, Mother’s Day has been such a memorable day! Below are photos from each year.

My First Mother’s Day in 2014. Trey was about 5 months old. I miss him being this small.1st mothers day

My Second Mother’s Day in 2015. Trey was about 16 months in this photo. My big boy.2nd mothers day 12nd mothers day

My Third year celebrating Mother’s Day in 2016! Tristan was about 4 months. Trey was 2 years old. My heart is full. I love being a mom! 3rd mothers day

This year. Mother’s Day  May 14, 2017.  Trey is 3 and Tristan is 15 months. They’re getting so big. Now that Tristan is walking, he keeps me busy…chasing after him all the time.

fab mom mothers day 2017


I wouldn’t be who I am today without the love and prayers from my momma. She prayed for me when I was lost and made sure I got to know the Lord for myself. So so thankful. Being a mom of two boys, now I understand why God has always come first in her life! Without God I don’t know how I’d have the strength, patience and forgiveness I need to raise a family. It’s a lot of work but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I’m truly blessed! Happy Mother’s Day! ❤ #mommaandherboys #mothersday #fabulousmomsrock

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