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We moms know all too well that being a mother is a 24/7 never-ending job. Although parenting can be stressful at times, there is no greater joy than becoming a mother and raising a child. Earlier this month, Fabulous Moms Rock pampered two lucky moms with a free makeover (hair, makeup and wardrobe) and their very own photo shoot to capture all the fabulousness. Check out the photos from one of the Mom Makeovers and share your comments. Don’t forget to enter here for your chance to win a free makeover and photo shoot in Baltimore and in NYC.
Katia, Before

Katia, Before

Katia getting her makeup done.

Makeup Artist Ta’chera Andrews prepping Katia for her photo shoot

The most challenging thing about being a mom is to find time to take care of myself as I used to when I did not have children. -Katia Rudolph, Bel-Air, MD

Meet Katia. Katia is a wife to her wonderful husband Jason and a stay-at-home mom of 2 beautiful children, an 18 month old son and a 7 year old step daughter.  Katia and her husband are also expecting a new baby girl this year! Congrats Katia and Jason!! So exciting!  We asked Katia a few questions about her personal style and how motherhood has changed her life.  Check out her responses below.

FMR: How would you describe your personal style?

Katia: I am a casual mom. I love the simple style but not too cliche looking. I love comfortable outfits that will bring out the best of my body, such as my legs and simple make up but that will accentuate my lips 😉

FMR: What do you like most about being a mom?

Katia: What I like the most about being a mom is to love my children above and beyond anything in this universe. I never thought love like this was possible. It is possible and it is awesome!

FMR: What has motherhood taught you?

Katia: After I became a mother, I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was and that I can be a much better person than I thought I could be.

FMR: What advice would you give to a mother-to-be or a first-time mom that you wish someone would’ve given you before you became a mother?

Katia: I wish someone had told me that there is no wrong way to parent a child. When you are about to become a mother regardless if it is your first or second or third child, you always have that feeling that “you are not good enough” and you are constantly afraid of failing as a mother… but the truth is… when they arrive and you see yourself loving them more than anything on Earth… then you realize that LOVE is what counts when raising a good person. If you got love for your child and you love him/her with all of your heart… that is all you gotta do. There is no way to go wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

FMR: What inspires you to be the best mom and wife you could be?

Katia: What inspires me is my family!! They give me motivation to keep on going and never give up and continue to strive for the best…. ALWAYS!

Being a stay-at-home-mom has its perks but can also be very challenging when trying to find balance and “mommy” time. Finding time to take care of herself has been the most challenging thing for Katia since becoming a mother, so the Glam team wanted to make Katia look and feel Fabulous again! We took off the flats, boring top and shorts, and put on heels and a girly dress! Take a look below of Katia after the Makeover.
Photography by Ashley Hinds, Make up & Hair by Ta’chera Andrews, Wardrobe Styling by Adrianne Munroe, Craft Services & Hair Styling Assistance by Tamara Munroe
Floral print dress at Macy's

Floral print dress at Macy’s

Neon Yellow shoes at Aldo Shoes

Neon Yellow shoes at Aldo Shoes

Red Jumpsuit by Ralpj Lauren

Red Jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren

Multi print Dress at Bloomingdales

Multi print Dress at Bloomingdales

Katia Rudolph, Makeover May 2015

Jewelry by PinkVelvetDesigns.com


Fringe Jacket by BCBGMaxAzria

Fringe Jacket by BCBGMaxAzria, Shoes by Aldo


 I want to thank our Glam Team and Photographer for their time and services to make all this possible. Our next stop for the Fabulous Mom Makeovers will be in NYC in June! Next week, we will be posting the Mommy Makeover for the other Fabulous Mom from Baltimore, MD. Stay Tuned.

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