Let’s Be Honest 

Some mornings I wake up and don’t feel fabulous at all. Quite frankly, since I’ve launched Fabulous Moms Rock in May 2015, I’ve felt less fabulous than I’ve had in a long time. Recently, I had a conversation with two of my dearest and trusted girlfriends (one with children and one without) about my vulnerable moments of just feeling blah…and they’ve pretty much offered me the same encouragement & advice….no matter how you look on the outside, you are a fabulous mom. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take time for yourself. Find balance between God, family, career and time for yourself. It’s so true. Every time I feel boggled down with life, these are the times I realize I neglect to think about myself. Neglect the things I love to do. Like write. So as I wrote this on the way to work today, I feel encouraged that I CAN do this! I CAN find balance in my crazy world. I must admit and I’m sure other moms can relate that having a child changes your life… It’s one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had. At the same time, I sometimes get so wrapped up in being mom and wife that I forget about being me, Adrianne. Life brings joys and pains and throughout it all, moms, if you recall God’s word that “you are fearfully and wonderfully made” you will suddenly remember that “just because I don’t feel or look fabulous doesn’t mean that I’m not! I AM a fabulous mom who rocks, no matter how I look or feel today. Tomorrow will be better.” Yes , I’ve had to say that to myself on plenty of mornings and afternoons and evenings.

So, moms, when you don’t feel as fabulous as you would like to, don’t be so quick to get down on yourself (like I have so many times), instead, remember tomorrow is another day to look, feel and be your best…to be the fabulous mom that you already are.

Cheers to us fabulous moms!

With all that being said, today will mark the day that I will no longer make excuses for my not blogging, for not pampering myself, for not planning a girls night out with friends. I CAN do the things I once did before becoming a mom. And guess what, I’ll enjoy it to the fullest because I  know one things for sure, every weekend won’t be girls night out! Lol. After all, I am still a mother who is responsible for providing the deepest love, the best care and undivided attention to my family.  I love being a mom and wife and watching our family grow and I also love the time I spend with me! It’s still a struggle finding “me time” but I’m working on it. Please pray for a sista and I’ll pray for you! Thanks for reading.

Stay Fabulous xo



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