How to Dress like a Boss on a Budget

Hey mamas! I hope you all are enjoying your Summer! Today I wanted to share with you some tips on looking fabulous for less!!

I hear this question a lot, “I love your outfit…Where do you shop?”

My friends know that I’m never stingy with sharing my fav stores to shop at! I’ll share it with anyone who asks and let you know if they’re having a sale too!!!

Knowing what stores to shop at and how to score some great finds for less is my secret to looking like a boss on a budget.

The first step is knowing your Personal Style. Once you figure that out, you’ll know which stores/brands fits your style and you will save time when creating your killer boss wardrobe.

My personal style is chic, sophisticated and fun! But I am always open to trying different style of clothing as long as I feel fabulous in it!! My advice…just be yourself, be open minded and try new things. If it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out. Never try to be someone else. I feel most fabulous when I can be my true myself.

You will see me wearing a lot of blazers. I love blazers!! I have over 25 blazers. Some I can’t even fit anymore after having kids, but I’m holding on to them because I just don’t want to let them go!! 😩

HELPFUL TIPS on figuring out your personal style:

– Ask yourself this. What celebrity do I admire for her personal style? What do I like most about her personal style? Once you know who that person is, just google them. You should be able to find lots of looks from this celebrity that you can get style inspo from and recreate some of their looks. The key is these photos should be your INSPIRATION!! You don’t have to copy their exact look!!! Take something you like most about an outfit you see on a celebrity or style icon and add to that. Add your personal touch to the outfit.

Tip: Create an inspiration board based on those looks. PINTEREST is the perfect place to create these style inspiration/mood boards.

I personally use my iPhone to create a mood board…by creating a folder specifically for different looks. I label the folder and every time I see an outfit or look I want to style myself in , I screenshot it and save the screenshot photo in the respective folder. So simple! Not only is it much quicker for me to access, sometimes I’m just too busy with the kids or at work that it’s just easier for me to screenshot instead of going to Pinterest. Plus, I can get sidetracked on Pinterest (so many bomb images), so to ensure I stay focused, I just save photos to my iPhone photo albums.

When you think of a female boss what comes to mind?

Powerful, intelligent, stylish, beautiful…and the list goes on.

Here’s a list of my MUST HAVE wardrobe items to look like a Boss!!!


Dressing like a boss is simple. Find a power suit. A structured pant suit and/or a skirt suit that you can wear multiple ways and is interchangeable. Have your suit tailored if you need to. It’ll make it look like a custom suit because it fits all the right places just right. TAILORED to fit your figure. Also try a patterned suit for edge. I tend to go towards the edgy side. I like to be different and make an impact with my wardrobe especially if I know I’ll be networking or meeting with potential clients and/or other business owners. I want to make the best impression with the way I dress.


I believe you only need 3 pairs of shoes. Yeah I have over 50 pairs of shoes but I only wear 3 of them on a daily basis!! Find your go-to black pump, nude pump and a shoe this is so fab that it will stop someone in their tracks…think jeweled, pop of color or something that’s just different. I love a ankle boot. When looking for your go to shoes, consider the heel height. If you’re wearing your go to shoes consistently, you may not want to get the heel too high yet not too low either. I Opt for a pointy toe pump. It’s classic and never goes out of style.


Silk Scarves. Sunnies. Handbags. Belts. Jewelry.

Find a designer belt, jewelry, sunglasses, leather satchel or maybe even a designer handbag from a consignment or designer resellers such as like Real Real, Poshmark, ,Gilt, just to name a few. Also, check local consignment shops. I love my local consignment and designer resellers. One of my favs in Baltimore County is Wear It’s At on Reisterstown Road. I can try things on and see them in real life before making a purchase. Accessories pull an outfit together.


When I get asked where I shop, I usually have three stores I name almost every time: H&M, Zara and Suited Boutique (one of my favorite local boutiques in Baltimore City). I save lots of money when I shop these stores. These store have great suit options all year round! H&M and Zara have major sales several times a year! I always shop during sales season. But when there’s no sale going on, I find online coupons for H&M. I also take advantage of H&M’s clothing recycling program, where you get a 15% off coupon by bringing in a few old clothing that you no longer need and want to recycle. How cool is that…making a difference and saving 15% off my next purchase. Can’t beat that!

I shop three (3) ways:

1. Sales racks at my fav stores

2. Designer resellers and Consignment shops

3. Online (I always search online to compare prices for the same item. If a store price matches to their online prices, I’ll purchase in store to avoid any shipping costs)

If you want to know when stores are having a sale, subscribe to ShopStyle. They notify you each time a store on your list has a sale going on.

My friends are always shocked when I tell them how much I paid for most items in my closet. I rarely ever pay full or regular retail price for my wardrobe. I’m always looking for better deals or price matching if the store participates in price matching.

H&M in store will price match the same item that’s online if it costs less online.

Bloomingdales will also price match with other online retailers for the exact same item. Check with them for the specific online retailers they match.

There’s other retailers that price match, all you need to do is ask them.

Some of my fav stores to find fabulous pieces for less:


TJ Maxx

Century 21 department stores (online) or in NYC


Zara (when they’re having a big sale)

Burlington Coat Factory

If you are looking for a designer handbag, shoes or accessories, you can really score some fab designer pieces at amazing prices when shopping only be reseller stores.

Some of my favorite online designer resellers are:




Rue La La


Hope this info helps you for your next shopping trip. Now that it’s Back to School season, there’s plenty of sales going on.

Cheers to looking fabulous & dressing like a girl boss for less!

Tip: With the money you save on your wardrobe, invest in a business, stocks, or stash the savings for a major purchase. Your later self will thank you!

Until next time, mamas!

Stay Fabulous




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