Halloween Weekend with the Munroes

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Happy Halloween! Can’t believe November is one day away. Where did October go?! If anyone was more excited about the month of October, it was my oldest son, Trey! All he talked about the entire month was Halloween, his Spider-Man costume, and CANDY (emphasis on candy) LOL.  Yup, the boy has a sweet tooth just like his, uh, momma! Yikes (hides face)


Trey already knew he was gonna be Spider-Man for Halloween since January. 😌 I found his Spider-Man costume at H&M for half price (I love a good sale) sometime in the summer. When I brought it home, he was super excited and wanted to wear it all day everyday. Toddlers! So now it was all about a costume for Tristan, our 9 month old cutie pie. Tristan actually turned 9 months, on Saturday, the day we went Trunk or Treating. His first Halloween at that! So this was a special day for our little Tris Tris! I must admit, sometimes I can be last minute with things…This time it was for Tristan’s costume.  Hubby was running around the same day and of course  all the stores were sold out of costumes for infants except for one, Party City. Thankfully there is one located about 10 minutes away from our home so after leaving target and other establishments empty handed, Party City saved the day. By the way, Party City never disappoints.  To go along with our superhero theme, Brad picked out a cute little Superman costume for Tristan. He didn’t tell me or Trey what he was gonna get for Tristan so it was such a cool surprise. We all loved it!

side note: I saved Treys old Captain outfit and tried it on Tristan and what do you know?!..it fit perfectly. I took a few pics of Tristan in the Captain costume too. He looked too cute as a Captain.



We decided to take the kids out on Saturday, October 29, 2016 instead of on Halloween.

Anyone who has a toddler and an infant knows how hard it is to get out of the house! 😩 Le struggle. We planned to have the boys dressed and ready to go by 2:30pm. We were planning to attend aTrunk or Treat event at our church, Messiah Community Church, which started at 2pm and ended at 5pm. Welp, 4:30pm came around and we’re still trying to get the boys and the baby bags together lol. Trey stripped down to his Pull Ups;I’m chasing after him trying to get the costume back on him; Brad is dealing with Tristan while Tris is getting frustrated (probably because he was hot as heck in the costume); and all I wanna do is just get out the house already and enjoy the beautiful weather. So now it’s 5pm and we missed the Trunk or Treat at Messiah. 🙄 Thankfully there was another Trunk or Treat going on at another church about 20 minutes from us that started at 5pm. Perfect! We finally got out the house around 5:10pm and were on our way! Yay!

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We get to the event at 5:30pm and its packed with kiddies dressed in the cutest costumes. Trey was ecstatic! With his Halloween candy basket in hand, we stopped at all the trunks while Trey pulled a handful of candy out of their bags and into his basket. He was in candy heaven, I tell you. Tristan fell asleep in the car and was sleep for about a hour while we were at the event.  The only part of my day that sucked was when my phone died after about 10 minutes into the event. I HATE when my phone dies! Like really, the one day that I wanna get as many cute costume photos of the boys, my phone dies! 🙄 Luckily, Brad had about 30% battery life on his phone and was able to snap a few. He’s not a big photo-taking person like I am, so I wasn’t expecting for him to have 100 pics for me to chose from like I would have. But hey, I’m just happy he got about five good pics! Lol

Overall, we had a great experience and Trey loved every minute of it. We left there around 8pm(the time the event was supposed to end), against Trey’s will. Lol. Yeah, he actually wanted to stay and play a little bit longer but Brad and I were exhausted and ready to call it a night.



Tristan did really good for his first Halloween Trunk or Treat! He’ll have a good laugh looking at all the photos from his first Halloween as a superhero. Next year, he’ll be picking out his own costume and I’m just not ready for it. They grow up so fast. 😩

Hope you all enjoy the photos from our fun day Trunk or Treating with the boys.

Happy Halloween and be safe out there today with the little ones.


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