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Shakyra is a Wife, Mommy, Model, Actress, eBoutique Owner (www.thegorgeousgrind.com) and she does a little baking! (her cakes are really impressive). Shakyra has modeled the runways at Fashion Week, seen in ads for Levis and several other huge brands and also seen on Essence.com.  Shakyra lives in Boca Raton Florida with her husband Pedro, son Prince Amir (2), and Divadog Sasha Leona!  I met Shakyra over 5 years ago at a fashion show in NYC and have been following her journey ever since. I truly admire her positive energy, confidence and beauty(inside & out). I asked Shakyra a few questions about motherhood and being a boss mom. Check out her interview below:

What do you love most about being a mom?

mom and son picI LOVE that I have this incredible little soul that looks like me and my soulmate that depends on me for EVERYTHING and whether I get it right or wrong, he still looks at me like I’m a superhero and showers me with the warmest hugs and kisses.

Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

Well, before I actually had a baby it was Heidi Klum and that was because she would pop out a baby and be back on the runway in no time. But now after giving birth I really admire Tamera Mowry. She took her time when it came to loosing her baby weight and her main focus was on being an excellent mom and wife. I love how she stays true to mommyhood and focuses on putting her family before fame and having the perfect body.

How would you describe yourself using the acronym F-A-B?

Sasha Leona divadogyellow outfit



B- Bold



How did you get started in the model/entertainment industry?

I started in Madrid, Spain. While studying abroad I realized that modeling was what I wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to model but after traveling the world and being seenShakyra Levi model as “beautiful and exotic” I gained the confidence. After finishing college I moved back to NYC to pursue my dream.

Shakyra runway model

You started a “Throw Glitter Not Shade” movement. Tell us what it’s all about.

“Throw Glitter Not Shade” means Uplift instead of Dissect. When I started in the entertainment industry it was all about breaking someone down so that not only you look better but you feel better about yourself. I tried to adjust to this mean girl lifestyle and it just wasn’t me. I naturally try to find the beauty and positive in people and things. Building someone else up not only feels amazing to that person, but to you as well. Telling another woman how beautiful she is does not take away from your beauty.  Congratulating someone on their latest gig does not subtract anything from your resume. I think of it as throwing glitter because 1) I love glitter… it makes me happy (even at 32) and 2) it’s almost effortless to share. Don’t be “shady” because how can you really benefit from sharing someone else’s flaws when no one is perfect. It only shows insecurity. 19764757_245254849312209_6817663538996183040_nthrow glitter tee

You’ve worked in the fashion and entertainment industry for a long time and have been around so many models and actresses. We all know that the industry can have its own definition of what beauty is. How do YOU define beauty?

To me, beauty is confidence. I’ve seen gorgeous women at castings and auditions but what separates a pretty girl from a beautiful girl is how proudly she stands and how assertive she walks.

After having your son and having a modeling/acting career, I can imagine you had to work hard to get your body to snap back quick. How was your experience in getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape?

before and after slimfastPostpartum was nothing like I thought it would be. For one I had an emergency C-Section. I was also breastfeeding which instead of help me shed the pounds I held on to them tightly! I was depressed about it for a while. My agent told me that I should maybe start to audition even though I still had my baby weight. Not for the same stuff that required me to be thin but the ‘mommy roles” I actually booked 2 major commercials with my baby weight which motivated me to lose it but on my own terms. I was then casted for the Slimfast Challenge which helped me lose my last 35 pounds. It was intense and it worked. I had 2 daily meal replacements and exercised everyday. It was tough but my husband was super supportive and I found ways to either work out with my baby or when he could be with Daddy. I felt a lot of pressure not only because I want to win the challenge but because I had someone holding me accountable, which was the best part. Slimfast definitely works but I think what really helped me lose the weight was having a team hold me to my goals.


What advice would you give to a mom dealing with insecurities about her body image?

Well for one, I would tell her that she is amazing because she just brought a beautiful child in this world and her body was the beautiful vessel not every woman gets that blessing. Everyone’s body is different. I decided to stop comparing myself to women with perfect bodies and the body I used to have. Instead I chose to enjoy my new baby, be active, positive and patient with myself.boutique outfit pic 2

You are a mompreneur, how do you juggle motherhood and being your own boss?

It is still a struggle and my son is 2! It does get easier as he becomes more independent but the desire to be a good mom and put my family first is a challenge when you have your own business. I try not to be so hard on myself. I make an effort to get through my daily “to do” lists and goals. If I complete most of them great and tomorrow is another day! Making time for myself is usually the last thing but it’s the most important.

How has becoming a mom changed your career as an actress and model?

on set for infomercialBecoming a mom has definitely changed my career. I would never turn down a gig, but if my baby is sick, mom has to take care of him. I was particular about jobs I would take in the past because of my awesome relationship with my Dad and brothers. Now I have two new men in my life that I want to not only make proud but present myself in a respectful manner. I pay close attention to the things I do because no job is worth self-respect. When something I’ve done pops up on TV or in a magazine I want it to be tasteful.

What advice would you give to a mom who would like to start a business but struggling with finding balance between raising a family and pursuing her dreams?

I would tell her to make time for herself and her desires. Having a family is hard because you are trying to make everyone else happy. Your dreams will never go away, its your job to protect them. It may not always seem clear or you may not ever seem to have the time but there is a way. Once you find it, it’s so rewarding.


What is your go-to quote, affirmation or scripture that helps you to keep going when you may not feel like it?

I have a Mantra that I kind of say over and over lol I found it on a Yogi Tea bag. It is “I am Beautiful, I am Bountiful, I am Blissful, (I am Blessed- which I added). It means that no matter what I have a pure heart with good intentions, I am grateful for the things that I have, Happiness is a choice, and God will continue to provide just like he always has.image2Shakyra and family photo.png

You manage your son’s modeling career and he’s been seen in ads in Walmart. What advice would you give to a mom who would like to get their child into modeling and acting?

Prince Amir WalmartIt’s definitely not easy. The industry is different for children than it is adults. I researched a few agencies here in South Florida and submitted tons of pictures until he got signed to Karen Grier. I thought that was going to be the hardest part. It’s one thing to have to motivate yourself for an audition but to try to get a child to cooperate on que after waiting for hours is tough! I’ve actually decided to give him a little break as we go through his terrific 2’s, potty training, and finding other ways to communicate besides tantrums! Ha Ha! I want Prince to be happy, if modeling does that great, if not I’ll support his dreams. I think that is key as a parent. Listening to our kids and seeing what excites them not us. All that I ask is that when he’s old enough we book a Disney commercial together as a family, after that its all him! I love working with my family on set because we get to just be us in front of the cameras and those moments that we always share are captured through a different eye.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us that you are working on or involved in?

I’d like to share a gift with all the Fab moms reading this. 20% off at thegorgeousgrind.com code “FabMom”. I also encourage everyone to “throw glitter” on any small business owner that they also call “friend”. Having your own business is really hard and having support from friends and family is crucial. My first order was from my Mom! It made me feel like I could do this! We are so quick to involve ourselves with the lives of celebrities and share gossip but we scroll pass our friend’s posts about their new business venture. It takes 1 second to click “like” and 2 seconds to click “share.” I’m not saying to buy something you don’t like just because your cousin is selling it but spreading the word is way more valuable and your friend will appreciate it!.

Starting July 15th I’ll be announcing a #throwglitterchallenge! No ice required… I’m challenging us ladies to use social media to promote what’s most important… each other’s success! SO whether your friend just had a baby, just graduated law school, or opened her own salon. SHARE the news and use #throwglitterchallenge.

Shakyra, Thank you so much for sharing a piece of your life with us.  You inspire us to be our fabulous selves and to always lift up other women! I’ll be sure to take part in the #throwglitterchallenge. So glad there’s no ice involved. lol.  Keep being you and doing what you’re doing. You have created a much needed movement to spread love! You are a Fabulous Mom Who Rocks!!! 

Please check out Shakyra’s fabulous online women’s boutique The Gorgeous Grind here.  Please Support your fellow boss moms! 

You can follow her on Social Media:

Instagram: @shakyralashae @thegorgeousgrind  Twitter: @shakyralashae 

Facebook: facebook.com/shakyralashaefanpg



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