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La’Tai is a fabulous wife, mom and soooo much more! La’Tai is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy who lives in Maryland with her husband Ricco and two beautiful children Gabriel (6) and Malia (5). She has worked primarily with a neurological population in the last 13 years and currently 80% of her practice focuses on Parkinson’s Disease. Way to go, La’Tai!! La’Tai is also a certified Health & Fitness Coach, Spinning and Insanity Instructor.  On top of all that, she is currently completing her MBA degree at the University of Maryland!!! Just wow!Latai fam photo

I met La’tai a year ago and have been following her fitness journey on social media ever since. I really admire La’Tai’s transparency, her drive and determination. I asked La’Tai some questions about her life as a mom and career woman.  She also shares tips on how to keep going when you feel like throwing in the towel.  Oh and I’m so glad I’m not alone when I eat chicken nuggets off my son’s plate. LOL.  Check out the interview below:

FMR: What is your most favorite thing about motherhood?

I am a nurturer. I love creating a happy home where my babies feel safe. Maybe too much so but I always want them to feel like they have a safe haven in our home and in my arms. My hope is when they are faced with tough decisions a little later that they have a strong foundation to draw on and/or know they can come to us.

FMR: Who is your favorite celebrity mom and why?

Hmm. I never gave that question a thought. I do see a lot of myself in the mom, Rebecca, from This Is Us. I realize she is not a real person. But, her husband and kids are her whole world….but that doesn’t make it easy. Mom life is hard. Being a wife is hard. Being a career women, daughter, friend, and the list goes on. Sometimes you lose your s*%t and just feel like you’re blowing it.

FMR: How would you describe yourself using the acronym F-A-B?

F -Fearless, that’s a whole other story but in the last year or so I’ve learned to let nothing hold me back

A – Able, I can do all things through Christ Who Strengthens Me

B – Broken. Another thing I’ve realized is we all have our crap. I’m far from perfect. I just refuse to give up.

FMR: How did you get started in the fitness industry?

Hmmm. Another question I’ve never really thought about. My weight has always latai workoutfluctuated. I’ve  been real thin to moderately heavy. When I graduated grad school I was overweight. I joined weight watchers and started working out religiously. I lost 30lbs and fell in love with having the power over my weight and figuring out what worked and didn’t work for my body. Fast forward about ten years and two kids later and I had to figure it out again. But now I also didn’t have unlimited time to devote on myself. Enter Beachbody. Not only was I helping myself but helping others plus earning an extra income. It was like once again I figured out that missing link and felt empowered.

FMR: You help motivate, inspire and encourage other women on a regular basis.  Who/what has motivated, inspired and encouraged you along your journey?

Fitness related I’m inspired by Mankofit. I love the way she trains and her body is sick. Overall though, I’m inspired by women who are bosses! That’s why I am completing my MBA this year. I love healthcare but I also want to learn about business and help elevate our family and community.

FMR: What is your top fitness goal and how do you stay motivated to reach it?

So it’s not a number on the scale because I’ll always be a “thick girl. “goal weight sexy af

But as corny as it may sound I just want to be able to rock a bikini on the beach or Sesame Place with my kids without the anxiety or insecurity of how I look. I want to pick out a pair of pants in my closet and easily pull them up and button without a muffin top.

When we actually get a social life again, I want people to say “Damn that’s Ricco wife.”

I want to finally end the yo-yoing of losing/gaining weight. Toned arms, flat stomach. Yup that’s it lol!

FMR: What tips or advice would you give to a mom who started to work out and eat clean but is struggling to keep going?

You’re not going to be perfect. Some days you will still eat chicken nuggets off your kids plate. But if you are consistent more days then you’re not you will see results. Find support and accountability. Our groups have provided amazing emotional and physical transformations for mamas. There are others out there that will relate to your story and know how to support you. Lastly figure out your time. I know people think I’m crazy for getting up at 4:45am but that’s the time of day that no one needs me. I can be selfish!

FMR: Being a mom of two young ones is a lot of work and being your own boss even just as much work or more. How do you juggle motherhood and being a career woman?

Well first I’m blessed with an amazing husband who is my biggest cheerleader and is a great dad. I also devote about an hour of that time in the morning to getting work done. IMG_0573I’m not actively coaching right now but I do use that time now for devotion and to get homework done. It is actually funny because people think I don’t work! I work often on Saturdays too because then we don’t have to pay for childcare and I earn almost twice as much money. I’ve always been one to look for how I can make work “work” for me.

“The priority is always to be home for my family as much as possible.”

FMR: What is your go-to quote, affirmation or scripture that helps you to keep going?

So many!

latai i beleivedRight now my FB cover photo says “I just believed I was more than what I was living” and I would say that sums up the spiritual, emotional, and physical changes I’ve worked for in the last few years (and continue too!)

FMR: Thank you so much for sharing what you do and how you are helping others. How can someone contact you to start their fitness and healthy lifestyle journey or to find out more info on how you can help them with their fitness goals?

Please do! Email: lataijenkins@gmail.com

On Monday, July 10, 2017, La’Tai will be joining celebrity fitness coach, Monte Sanders and the MBS Fitness Lab team. Guests can work out with them every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning at 5:30am at Garrison Forest School in Baltimore County. Find out more information at https://mbsfitnesslab.com/online-fitness-programs-fitness-programs/in-person-workouts/

If you love fitness and meal prep inspiration, you need to connect with La’Tai on social media. You can follow her on Instagram: @lataidreamsagain and on Facebook: La’Tai Jenkins Fitness

La’Tai inspires others to live their best life and to stay motivated. I hope this interview has encouraged, inspired, and reminded you that you can be a mom and still do what you love and be fabulous while doing it. I also hope this interview motivates you to pursue your passions and the things that makes you truly happy! It has for me.  Thanks La’Tai for sharing a little bit of your life with me and the readers of Fabulous Moms Rock!



Here’s a few photos of La’Tai and her beautiful family.


latai jenkins cover photos

Latai fam photolatain family photo

latai team beachbody photoIMG_5226

latai mother hustler

latai photo


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