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Natasha is an amazing wife, mom and entrepreneur. Natasha currently resides in Gainesville, Virginia with her wonderful husband Josue, two handsome boys (Joshua and Jaden) and her “baby”, Doozy Pro Workshop, a mobile DIY (Do It Yourself) studio. I met Natasha a few months ago in NJ during a women’s conference and I was so impressed with everything about her business and her creativity. Like, I’m SO excited about her upcoming  DIY workshops. And the fact that her studio is mobile is just amazing!!! I recently asked Natasha a few questions about her journey as a mom and an entrepreneur and so much more. She shares some amazing tips on creating work-life balance and honest advice on transitioning from a 9-5 to being a Boss!  And a Boss mom she is! Doozy Pro Workshop recently had its first workshop on August 25th and Natasha already has two employees, her sons Joshua and Jaden! 🙂 Check out the interview below:

FMR: Tell us a little about yourself.

Natasha: I am 37 years old, originally from Memphis, TN and an entrepreneur. I love crafting, shopping at thrift stores, traveling and experiencing the unthinkable! Skydiving, cliff jumping, off roading, zip lining and even flying in a fighter jet, I’ve tried them all! I’m addicted to high rollercoasters, exploring different cultures, viewing unique architecture and spending time with my family. My husband and I have been married for 11 years and we have two energetic boys. Our son Jaden is a 6-year-old car enthusiast who can not only name exotic cars, but also knows  top speeds of various models. Our son Joshua is nearly 8 years old and is a human GPS. He loves atlas, globes, interstates and drawing maps. We moved to Gainesville, VA last summer from Puerto Rico. 

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FMR: What do you love most about being a mom? 

Natasha: I love that there is never a dull moment! Our boys are really active which keeps us on our toes. We like having them try different activities to see what will stick when they’re older. So far, they’ve tried flag football, soccer, track & field, rock climbing, capoeira, swimming, and basketball. I love that they’re up for trying anything. image4twoboys

FMR: Who is your celebrity mom crush and why? 

Natasha: Phylicia Rashad! She will forever be Claire Huxtable to me and, in my mind, she and her character are one and the same. She’s loving yet firm and has balanced being in the limelight for over 40 years and still remains human. I could definitely see myself having a cocktail and convo with her. 

FMR: How would you describe yourself using the acronym F-A-B? 

Natasha:  Family 1st, Adventurous and Bubbly

FMR: Let’s talk about your entrepreneurship journey. Tell us about your exciting business.

image1image7Natasha: I am the owner of Doozy Pro Workshop LLC, a Mobile DIY Studio and Venue.  We offer our clients the convenience of a fully functioning studio or party venue directly to their location. We have converted a 24’enclosed trailer and outfitted it with murphy tables, chairs, air conditioning, lighting and an assortment of fun tools and equipment to experience creative relaxation (it’s a “thing”). 

FMR: How did Doozy Pro Workshop get started and how did the name come about? 

Natasha: Doozy Pro Workshop has been 4 years in the making. While working a demanding career, I craved a way to release my creativity and to share the experience with friendsI started by inviting friends over for cocktails and crafting, then I began instructing a small class for girls in 2nd-4th grade. After my husband accepted a job offer in Northern Virginia, I decided that I wanted to pursue crafting full-time. And after a year of small steps, I finally launched my Mobile DIY Studio! The name Doozy Pro Workshop came from a collaboration with my best friend and her husband. I originally called it DIY Crafting Workshops. And they absolutely hated it. So they suggested Doozy and initially I wasn’t a fan. But when I realized that Doozy meant something outstanding and unique, I knew that this was exactly what my company was offering to clients and I fell in love with it. 

FMR: What type of classes will you be offering and who are the classes available to? 

Natasha: Our Mobile DIY Studio will offer workshops in art and crafting, hair and makeup, nail design, sewing, photography, gardening, bath & body projects and much more. Basically, if you’ve seen it on Pinterest, we’ll be creating it in the Mobile DIY Studio! Along with myself, I have assembled a team of phenomenal artists and plan to offer our services to women, men, children, seniors, toddlers, and anyone in between. Most importantly this show goes wherever the client needs us! Events, tailgating, your driveway or your community center. 

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FMR: What challenges did you face getting your company off the ground and how did you overcome those challenges? 

Natasha: After resigning from my career, I dove head first into building my business. Sleepless nights and planning during the day. I was ready to launch and it was going to be epic!  The first month after we moved to VA, I hosted a workshop and had exactly zero people sign up. What? Did these people know what they’re missing? That rude awaking taught me that just because I took the cliff dive, had passion and drive didn’t mean that everything would come together easily. No one knew me or my company and, in contrary to my delusional grandeur, there weren’t lines wrapped around buildings to attend my workshops. I needed more exposure, I needed to build more. So, I began creating art and customized craft items for friends and family until I could build a customer base for my workshops. I posted any and everything that I made on social media. Although I am technically still in the beginning phase of my business, I feel that I have a better understanding of the market I’m trying to serve. 

FMR: When did you know it was time to quit your career job? 

Natasha: Well, I knew that I wanted to be an air traffic controller since my junior year of high school where I was enrolled in the aviation program. I have a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace with a concentration on Air Traffic Control from MTSU. I worked for 13 years as a radar air traffic controller in Memphis, TN and San Juan, PR. My Momma sacrificed a lot and worked hard to get me through school and I knew that she was proud. Most people would consider me to be successful because I was using my college degree, had a six-figure salary, traveled frequently, had a house and was married with kids.controller
Truth be told, I liked my career but I felt that I wasn’t fulfilling my true passion. I really couldn’t be 100% Natasha while working as a controller. I love to create things, meet people and to have fun which was not a part in my previous job descriptionI had to suppress a big part of my personality just to cope.  When I would speak to friends or family about how I was feeling, the reaction was usually “Stop complaining, you have a good government job and there isn’t money in crafting!” When I was still working full-time as a controller, I began instructing after school art/crafting classes at my kids’ school in Puerto Rico. The kids in my workshop were super energetic, so I was exhausted! But it was something that really sparked something that I felt was missing. I finally had a moment of clarity, I’d rather host workshops, get an opportunity to be creative and make far less money than continue to be what other people thought was my path of “success”. I had to get out of the mental box that I had created for myself and take the risk. We only get one shot at life and I wanted more control. 

FMR: What advice would you give to someone thinking about giving up their day job to follow their passion/dream?  

Natasha:  A. If you decide to do it, go all the way and jump completely out of the box. Don’t give a water downed version of your dream. Otherwise that’s a side hustle, which is great, but not always “quit your day job” worthy. 
B. Be your own cheerleader! Do not expect to be fully supported. The best ideas sometimes sound crazy to anyone that is not in the dream faze with you. 
C. Don’t do it if you’re not equipped to fail. And by equipped, I mean mentally AND financially! That’s really harsh, but being an entrepreneur is not easy, fail-safe or free. You need to be ready to fall, dust yourself off and try it again (and hopefully more successfully each time). 

FMR: What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?

I love the freedom and flexibility that it offers me. There’s always an opportunity to learn, experience and grow. I’m definitely not the same person that I was when I was working for someone else. I love it.

FMR: How do you find balance with being an entrepreneur, wife, mom and finding time for yourself? 

Natasha:  Mastering how to be a great mom, wife and still finding time to be Natasha is my greatest challenge. Sometimes I lose myself in my children’s lives. In order to get the balance back, I have to be selfish which contradicts what most people perceive as being a “good” mom. It’s a constant tug of war between feeling “Mommy Guilt” and needing “Self Care”, but I know that some days I have to put my needs first too.  My husband and I try to have a date night or date day at least twice a month. Sometime we do more, sometimes less, but we try to make the effort. Because before I was the chauffeur and mother of Joshua  and Jaden, I was Josue’s lady. And it’s very important to reconnect with that area of our lives too. It reminds me that I’m also sexy and not just a caregiver. 

FMR: What tips do you have to spark creativity in someone who may not think they are creative at all? 

Natasha: Lose the structure/rules and let it all hang outEveryone has a creative side and it doesn’t look the same from person to person. I reinforce throughout my workshops that it is not for a grade, there are no wrong answers and no report cards! Reconnect with the 4-year-old version of yourself and let that person lead you. I love to loosen people up with music, mood lighting and the overall atmosphere is always informal. 

FMR: Being an entrepreneur is not easy journey. What is your go-to quote, scripture or affirmation that keeps you going? 

Natasha:  “Deep in my heart, the answer it was in me. And I made up my mind to define my own destiny” The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill

FMR: Are you working on any other projects aside from Doozy Pro Workshop?

Natasha: In addition to Doozy Pro Workshop, my best friend Jennifer McMillan and I are launching an organization aimed at immersing students in real world STEM experiences from transportation industry professionals and educators. I’m excited about this endeavor because it allows me to use my degree in Aerospace to encourage kids to explore Science outside of the classroom. We hope to begin by Summer of next year.

FMR:  Where can our readers connect with you and find out more info about Doozy Pro Workshop and the awesome DIY classes you have coming up? 

Natasha: To learn more about what we offer, visit our website DoozyProWorkshop.com or our social media pages under Doozy Pro Workshop. For more specific information or to request a private event, email me at DoozyProWorkshop@gmail.com


Thank you Natasha for sharing your journey with Fabulous Moms Rock! You are a true definition of a Fabulous Moms Who Rocks!

Please check out Doozy Pro Workshop on Facebook Doozy Pro Workshop

They have some awesome workshops coming up. They also book private events so please check out the website  www.doozyproworkshop.com for info about how to register for the next event.


Natasha’s sons helping to prepare the trailer for its first workshop. #teamwork


Natasha’s husband also lending a hand with preparation for the 1st workshop. #teamworkmakesthedreamwork



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