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Janelle Williams family photoJanelle is a a wife and mom of three: 2 boys and 1 girl, ages 15, 11, and 7. She currently resides in the Annapolis MD area with her beautiful family. Janelle was a stay at home mom for several years before returning to work full time in 2007. She has always dreamed of starting her own business so after years of friends and family members encouraging her to pursue organization & design, in 2016 she finally decided to start her consultant business as a professional organizer.  I asked Janelle a few questions about her life as a mom and full time entrepreneur. She shares some fantastic tips on creating a clutter-free, well organized home. Moms, if you’re like me, then you know how challenging it is to keep the house in order, especially with little ones.  This one’s for us!!  Janelle shares her favorite organizing hack and other goodies that will inspire you (and me) to ditch the unnecessary things you been holding onto for way too long and to organize everything else to a T!   Check out the interview below:

FMR: Tell us about your business & services you offer.

Janelle: I am a full-time entrepreneur and professional organizer. I help my clients create systems that streamline their processes and improve efficiency. I currently offer home and business organization, virtual organization and home staging.

FMR: What do you love most about being a mom?

Janelle: Sharing their experience of the world as they grow and mature from toddlers to teens, still can’t believe I have a 15-year-old. I love the lessons that they have taught me about life, like patience and taking risks. 

FMR: Who is your celebrity mom crush and why?

Janelle: Tia and Tamera Mowry. They are true to their faith, keep house and stay on their grind!

FMR: I describe being a Fabulous Mom as being a mom who loves the skin she’s in, she’s living life and living every bit of it, going after her dreams and striving to be all that God has destined for her to be.  How would you describe yourself using the acronym F-A-B?


F- Focused on accomplishing the goals that I’ve set for my family and business.

A- Aspiring to be the woman God intends me to be and hopefully inspiring others in their journey of motherhood, marriage, and life.

B- Blessed to be able to pursue my dream as an entrepreneur and help my clients achieve a better quality of life!

FMR: What inspired you to start your consulting business?

Janelle: The one consistent message I’ve received in my professional career and home life was how organized I am, some even felt I had a bit of OCD…lol. Though Professional Organization has been around for many years not many people in my circle were aware of this service. With starting a business, I wanted to do something that came naturally to me where I would interact with people and have a real impact on their lives and Home organization was the perfect fit for this.

Kitchen Nook Area


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FMR: You see a lot of cluttered homes and unorganized spaces. What has been the most unorganized space that you were hired to “fix” and how did you turn the space into a well organized, functional space?

Janelle: My most difficult space was a nook area off a kitchen where the family, specifically the mother was storing a lot of her son’s developmental stuff. It was particularly challenging because she had deep emotional ties to many of the items but she knew (as a psychiatrist) that it needed to be tackled. We were able to go through this area, get rid of things that were unnecessary, and organize the remaining items into a functional system. You could see the emotional weight lifted off her after the area was transformed.


FMR: What are your top three tips for creating and maintaining organization throughout the home?

Janelle: (1). You should be regularly going through your things and getting rid of things that you don’t need or use anymore. (2). Use bins and label them to create a more structured flow. (3). Less is more…the less stuff you have in your home, the less you will have to manage which makes keeping it clean and organized less time consuming.

FMR: You also work with businesses, tell us how you help companies with organization?

Janelle: I work with small business owners to help them streamline their workflow processes which includes better time management, electronic document management, creating filing systems and work plans. I have a variety of worksheets that I’ve created that I use with my clients to help them in these areas.

FMR: What are the best tips for getting children to learn organization and keeping their spaces neat and clutter free?


(1) Designate a specific space or area for them to place their things and label them. Using bins or baskets with kids is great in keeping them organized.

(2) Be consistent! Make sure that they are following the systems you implement, putting things back where they belong or following the schedule you create and establish consequences when the systems are not followed.

(3) Don’t overwhelm them with too many things. Our little people really don’t need a ton of clothes or toys, if they have less that they are responsible for it will make it easier for them to keep their space clean. Limit the amount of stuff you keep in their space at a specific time.Kids Space OrganizationKids Organization

FMR: Now that the kids are back in school, what are some great tools for maintaining a well-organized space for the kids to do homework and study?

Janelle: Keep it clutter free. They need space to work so the less stuff in the space the better it is for them to concentrate and not get distracted.  Designate places for things they will need (such as paper, pencils, sharpener, crayons) and keep them in a central area so that they have easy access to them instead of having to run around to find things. Create a schedule for them to follow after school so that they have designated times to do homework, study and for bedtime activities.

FMR: What advice do you have for a mom (or dad) who can’t seem to get the house in order.

Janelle: Don’t try and tackle it alone! Ask for help, if you can’t afford a Professional Organizer then seek help from a friend.

FMR: What is your favorite organization hack?

Janelle: That’s a good question. I would say use pieces that serve dual functions. When I’m buying a piece of furniture I always think about the different functions it can serve.

FMR: Where can someone find inspiration for creating beautiful, clutter-free spaces?

Janelle: I absolutely love going to Ikea and looking at their displays. I always come away feeling inspired. I also love going to model homes for ideas on space saving furniture and design ideas.

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FMR: How do you find balance between being a wife, mom, and running your business?

Janelle: Honestly, I am still working on finding the right balance but learning that I can’t do everything by myself is key. As a business owner, I’m learning that I can outsource certain things to free up my time for more important things. As a mom, I’ve learned to incorporate my children more with responsibilities in the home. I also live by schedules and reminders because a girl can’t keep everything in her head.

FMR: Being an entrepreneur is not easy at times. What is your go-to quote, scripture, or affirmation that helps to keep you inspired and encouraged to never give up?

Janelle: My absolute favorite quote is “if the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal!”

 FMR: How can someone connect with you and find out more about your services?

Janelle: You can go to janellewilliamsconsulting.com where you can see a list of services that I offer and also see some before and after pictures of my projects. If you’re interested in working with me fill out a contact form for a free 20-minute consultation.

Janelle has truly inspired me to get rid of all the things that is creating clutter in my home. My husband will thrilled to see me throw out all my “stuff”. LOL. No, but seriously, I have too much that I’m holding on to. This interview has me excited about creating a beautiful, functional, clutter-free spaces in my home. Ikea, here I come! Mamas, you’d be surprised (or maybe not) to see how much junk that’s stored in your basement.  I hope this interview has been helpful and a start for you to learn how to organize and create systems to make life so much easier.  If you need help getting organized and designing a beautiful, organized space for your home or business, please contact Janelle for a complimentary 20-minute consultation.

You can find Janelle on Instagram @nelleshomemadeeasy and on Facebook @janellewilliamsconsulting. Visit her website www.janellewilliamsconsulting.com

Janelle, Thank you for sharing these wonderful tips that i’m sure everyone reading will love. I admire you for turning your passion for design and organization into a successful business all while being a wife and raising 3 beautiful children. You are a true definition of a Fabulous Mom Who Rocks!!

Janelle was recently a guest on Fox 45 in Baltimore, sharing tips on organization and design. Check out the video here.


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