Fabulous Mom Makeover – Holiday Edition

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Happy Sunday mamas! Hope you all are enjoying the snow day! I’m so excited to share our latest Fabulous Mom Makeover photos with y’all.

So if you haven’t been following us on social media (IG & FB: @fabulousmomsrock), on December 29, 2018, we gave one deserving mom a complete style makeover for the Holidays. From hair to makeup and a fabulous wardrobe to take photos for a fabulous photoshoot. We had an amazing team of women who partnered with Fabulous Moms Rock to provide hair styling, makeup and the photography. When women come together and support each other, amazing things happen. #collaborationovercompetition

On Location: The hair and makeup took place at Posh Salon Studios in Columbia, MD. The photoshoot was captured at a nearby park in Columbia, MD and a hotel in the same area.

I’m so grateful for the team we had on board for the makeover.

Meet the Makeover Team!

Kim (IG: @express_i_do  & @makefitness_fit), owner of Posh Salon Studios, styled the hair.


Keaira Bright (IG: @keiarabmua), makeup artist at www.Keairamakeupartistry.com did the makeup.


I (Adrianne @styledbyac) provided the wardrobe styling.



Tenika (@tenikafleetphotography) of Tenika Fleet Photgraphy took the photos.



Meet our Fab Mom

Tonique is an amazing mom of three children, and resides and works in the Baltimore area. Little did I know, Tonique and I have a few things in common: we both lived in NYC before making Baltimore our home and we both do our makeup on the train on our way to work. LOL.  I love meeting other New Yorkers in Maryland and especially ones who get that sometimes we just don’t have the extra time to do Makeup before we leave the house. We do what works for us!

So this was Tonique’s first time being “glammed up” and she was so appreciative of the opportunity. Tonique describes herself using the acronym F-A-B as “fun, ambitious and business-minded.” We asked Tonique a few questions about her life as a mom and her makeover experience. See the interview below.

FMR: Tell us a little about yourself?

Tonique: I am a 37 year old mom to 3 amazing earthly beings. One biological son Terron, aged 8 and one adopted son Karon aged 3 and a bonus child, Mariah through love aged 5 who is the only girl of the crew. We reside in Baltimore County & recently purchased our forever home in Pikesville,MD.
FMR: What do you do for a living?

Tonique: Presently I work as an Accounting Assistant for the City of Baltimore, full-time Mother (unpaid,but paid in love)
FMR: What do you love most about being a mom?

Tonique: I love the fact that I witness the fruits of my labor of love. I enjoy guiding these little people and educating them along the way. It is the most rewarding job ever! I cannot imagine my life without my children.
FMR: What has been the most challenging part of being a mother?

Tonique: My greatest challenge has been discovering that my child with whom I’ve had since he was three days old, now 3 years old is on the Spectrum. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder last July shortly after his 2nd birthday and days before our anticipated adoption date. It was devastating to say the least. But he’s still here, happy and non-verbal but loved beyond words.
FMR: What celebrity mom or public figure do you admire most and why?

Tonique: I cannot readily identify with celebrity moms since the finances are the least of their troubles, there are a plethora of Nanny options that are not accessible to us working moms. I relate to the moms who are just like myself. Those who operate from the sound of the alarm clocks at 6am until the last little eyes are closed. Our days are the longest and our love is the strongest.
FMR: How do you find time for yourself and what do you do for self-care?

Tonique: I apply my makeup in transit, I sit in my car for 20 minutes every evening after work to regroup before I pick my children up. I use that time to watch YouTube or read a book, listen to a Podcast or to enjoy a meal alone. It has proven to be very effective at being a sanity saver.
FMR: What obstacle(s) have you faced since becoming a mother and how have you overcome the obstacles?

Tonique: Being a single mother although unplanned has been my biggest obstacle. I had my son while in a loving relationship, chose to foster children at the same time. One of my toughest decisions was leaving the one I was with and choosing my foster child who needed me most. The decision to choose a child over a love interest meant ultimately choosing to raise our child alone. It was challenging to say the least. To date I have been providing for my son alone without the support of “family”. Moving from New York to Baltimore and remaining here without my loved ones is also a difficult task. You don’t realize how strong you really are until that’s your only option.
FMR: What did you love most about the style makeover?

Tonique: I loved that it was about ME…Something I rarely take time for. I am everywhere for everyone and often find myself on the back burner. But waking up that Saturday morning was the highlight of my life. From the hair, makeup to the styling and the amazing photos.
FMR: How would you describe your personal style?

Tonique: I’d say I’m okay with throwing pieces together. But I’m no Fashionista. lol
FMR: If there is anything you could improve about your personal style, what would it be?

Tonique: I’d add a little more pizzazz to it if I could. More heels and stylish clothing to match my true potential (that exists only in my head for now) 🙂
FMR: What is one thing you learned about yourself or was reminded of since receiving the fabulous mom makeover? 

Tonique: I learned that style is what you make it.I couldn’t stop staring at myself in such amazing fits and and felt like a million bucks in ensembles my current budget wouldn’t allow me to personally own. But it was the most notable experience of my life next to giving birth. I felt beautiful in ways I have never felt and it wasn’t even my wedding day. But I know what Glam Squad to reach out to when that day arrives 🙂

The moment we’ve all been waiting for…The Makeover photos!

Look #1:

Ravishing in Red. 


Where to buy this fabulous Red Jumpsuit:

Boutique: Mode Elite

Shop online   www.modeeliteonline.com

IG: @modeelitefashion     


Look #2:



Where to purchase this fabulous pink and red bow-tiful dress:

Boutique: Something Else

Location: 1611 Sulgrve Ave, Baltimore, MD

IG: @somethingelsemtw    Facebook page


Thank you!!

I’m so proud to have a team who are not only fabulous moms themselves, but boss moms!!! Hair, makeup and photography was done by moms who decided to go after their dreams and never give up!

To the glam team, Kim (hair) and Keaira (makeup). You ladies did an amazing job making sure Tonique looked and felt like the fabulous mom she is! Her hair and makeup looked amazing, thanks to ya’ll.

Kim, thank you for always being onboard with the Fabulous Mom Makeover project. This was your 3rd time serving as the hairstylist and I am so very thankful for you, your time, your dedication and services. Oh and for allowing us to take over your salon for a few hours! I appreciate you!

Keaira, you are the bomb! From your shaved head to your warm spirit. Thank you for partnering with Fabulous Moms Rock and donating your time and makeover services.  I appreciate you.

A special thank you to the boutiques, Something Else and Mode Elite, for providing the fabulous wardrobe for the makeover photoshoot. The outfits were perfect as you can see in the photos! 🙂

To our photographer, Tenika. Thank you so much for your patience, your dedication to this project and for always supporting Fabulous Moms Rock. This was your 2nd time shooting the Fabulous Mom Makeovers, and I am forever grateful for your time and services.

Thank you to our beauty sponsor, Sky Beaute, for sponsoring a gift certificate for brow services.  Ladies, if you are in the DMV area, you need to runnnn to Sky Beaute for the best brows you ever would have! Seriously, Shekinah will change your life!  Check them out at www.skybeaute.com and on IG: @sky.beaute


Thank you to our Fab Mom, Tonique. It was truly a pleasure meeting you. Thanks for trusting me and my team and allowing us to serve you. You are truly a fabulous mom and I hope we served as a reminder that you are always fabulous, whether you feel like it or not. I also hope this inspired you to take more time for yourself to do what brings you happiness & joy.

Finally, thank you to our readers. I hope you enjoyed this Fabulous Mom Makeover post. Comment below and let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for the next fabulous Mom Makeovers in 2019.





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