Declaring My Independence!

Hey loves…Happy 4th of July! Today we celebrate the Declaration of Independence. As I reflect on what this day means (other than fireworks and cookouts with family & friends), I asked myself the question, am I really free? I sometimes feel that technology has taken over our lives. In this day and age, our children are so obsessed with their ipads and  tablets, that they’re missing out on reality. Adults go to sleep with their smartphones and the first thing we do when we awake is check our facebook or instagram page. And don’t you just hate it when you’re having a conversation with someone and they’re head is down in their phone? I’m guilty of the aforementioned. I feel that these distractions take away from the beautiful experiences we could be having in that moment. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have a IG and facebook presence and to stay on top of your feeds if you are promoting a business, products or branding yourself. But it’s not okay to let it consume you.   This morning, I saw a cartoon illustration of a child chained to a tablet and it really made me think about how I raise my sons Trey and Tristan.  Trey asks for the ipad every morning when eating breakfast, and I OK it. Every morning, I place Tristan in front of the TV to watch his favorite show, Sesame Street.  Yeah, it does make my mornings a lot easier, but am I feeding them too much technology and not enough of me? Maybe! I am now considering reading a book or singing songs with them in the morning instead. I’ll see how that works, especially when i’m trying to get out the house on time to go to work. I think if we can find creative things to do with our kids, it will help both our kids and us limit the technology overload and allow us to spend more quality time with them. What better day to start declaring your independence from these distractions (and any other distractions in your life) than on Independence Day! So today, I’m declaring my independence from my overuse of technology.  I’ll be saying “no” to Trey SOME mornings when he asks for the Ipad. When I’m with family and friends and get the urge to pick up my phone and scroll through IG/FB, I’ll put the phone away and remind myself that giving my family my undivided attention is more important than what’s trending on twitter.

So today, when you’re having a good time with family and friends or watching the fireworks, put the phone down and just enjoy the moment. Some moments don’t not need to be snapped! I’m just saying. Enjoy the moment while you’re in it, without any distractions.

Have a safe and fun Fourth.



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