Change Is Good…

Hey loves! Happy Sunday. Yesterday (Saturday) was a quiet and relaxing day for me. My son Trey was spending time with his grandparents and my husband Brad was out and about handling business, so I was home alone all day….Something that doesn’t happen often in the Munroe house. When I tell you it was quiet, it was quiet. No Barney and friends playing in the  background, no sound of Trey running and playing around the house, no sound of my husband on the phone working out details of real estate deal. Total silence. It was kinda weird for a moment but I must admit I enjoyed it while it lasted.

My best friend Dr. G was in town for the MSU Homecoming and we had planned to meet up Saturday to go to the game and hang out on campus ; however, I woke up feeling congested and just not in the mood to sit in the cold cheering on the Morgan State Bears. Instead, we decided to meet up for dinner. So I had the entire morning and afternoon to spend time with ME!

I decided to stop by Dreams Hair Studio, a new hair salon in my neighborhood. I’d been thinking of a new hair style for a few weeks now but never found the time to make it happen, so I took advantage of the time I had to myself and ended up getting some color and a cut.  I was a little torn about whether I should cut or not while sitting in the stylist’s chair and she made a comment, “Change is good.” I immediately thought, yeah, change is good sometimes and I didn’t want my fear of the outcome to stop me from getting a new hairstyle I had been thinking about for weeks. So I did it! I did the big chop! Guess what yall, change IS good. I really am glad I decided to change my hair up. It’s been years since I cut my hair in a bob and I surely don’t regret doing it again yesterday.  I mean there are some minor things that could have been done a little better, like the consistency of the color, but hey, nothing comes out perfect ALL the time, especially hair color.  If any of you are deciding on changing up your hair for a new, fresh look, my suggestion is to JUST DO IT!  Take a chance. What’s the worst that can happen? If you don’t like it, you can always add some extensions and re-color your hair back to your natural shade in 4 weeks (that was my plan if I didn’t like how the color and cut came out ).

So here goes. Check out my new look! Hope you all like. xoxo



This was me BEFORE the chop and new color.

Now, this is me AFTER the cut and new color. Although I didn’t want to cut it as short as Bridget’s, I wanted a similar bob cut. Light layers in the back. Slightly longer on one side.


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