WELCOME TO OUR WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT OF FABULOUS MOMS WHO ROCK! EVERY WEEK, WE FEATURE FABULOUS MOMS WHO ARE DOING AWESOME THINGS! TODAY, WE GET THE ABSOLUTE PLEASURE OF INTRODUCING TO YOU THIS WEEK’S FABULOUS MOM,  LA’TAI JENKINS La’Tai is a fabulous wife, mom and soooo much more! La’Tai is a practicing Doctor of Physical Therapy who lives in Maryland with her husband Ricco and two beautiful children Gabriel (6) and Malia (5). She has worked primarily with a neurological population in the last 13 years and currently 80% of her practice focuses on Parkinson’s Disease. Way to go, La’Tai!! La’Tai is

Today marks the end of the first week of 2017. Yay! Have you all started listing your goals and dreams for this year? If not, don’t fret, it’s never too late but you would want to do so sooner than later to give yourself a reasonable time to accomplish the goals you have set. One thing I find helpful to stay productive and stay on track to meeting a goal is writing a list. It could be as simple as a grocery list, a list of songs I want to add to Tristan’s 1st birthday party playlist, a daily to-do

It’s no secret to my family and besties that I have been trying to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 137 for some time now. After I stopped breast feeding when my son Trey was 9 months, all the baby weight I had lost rapidly, piled back on in no time. I was in shock to see the numbers on the scale continue to rise. I really thought the scale was broken but after being weighed at the doctor’s office, I realized, I really did gain 40 pounds (yikes!).  I’m not big on dieting or working out so I wasn’t really