WELCOME TO OUR WEEKLY SPOTLIGHT OF FABULOUS MOMS WHO ROCK! EVERY WEEK, WE FEATURE FABULOUS MOMS WHO ARE DOING AWESOME THINGS! TODAY, WE GET THE ABSOLUTE PLEASURE OF INTRODUCING TO YOU THIS WEEK’S FABULOUS MOM,  SHAKYRA LaSHAE RIVERA. Shakyra is a Wife, Mommy, Model, Actress, eBoutique Owner (www.thegorgeousgrind.com) and she does a little baking! (her cakes are really impressive). Shakyra has modeled the runways at Fashion Week, seen in ads for Levis and several other huge brands and also seen on Essence.com.  Shakyra lives in Boca Raton Florida with her husband Pedro, son Prince Amir (2), and Divadog Sasha Leona!  I

There have been times in my life  where I felt unappreciated,  powerless, or I didn’t feel so fabulous. When I created Fabulous Mom Makeovers, I wanted to be to someone what I didn’t have during those times in my life. I wanted to create an unforgettable experience for moms to feel appreciated, to be inspired and empowered and to feel fabulous. – Adrianne The mission of Fabulous Mom Makeovers is to celebrate and shine a spotlight on well deserving moms by pampering them from hair to makeup and a mini-photoshoot styled by Adrianne Munroe, founder of Fabulous Moms Rock! This Fabulous Mom Rocks!

Hey fabulous moms and friends! It’s been a minute since I’ve checked in with you all. I wanted to give you all a heads up about our next Fabulous Mom Makeover. Mother’s Day is coming up in less than a month and Fabulous Moms Rock has teamed up with two awesome beauty brands and a clothing boutique to offer one deserving mom a Fabulous Mom Makeover! The makeover will include hair, makeup, and wardrobe. After the Fabulous Mom has been glammed up and looking fabulous, she will also be placed in the spotlight with an opportunity to “pose for the

One thing I vowed to do this new year that I didn’t do in 2016 is take a Hair, Skin and Nails vitamin. Ever since I had Tristan, my hair has been thinning and shedding so much. It seemed like one day I had these beautiful golden locks and a few months later my hair was broken off in sections, brittle and just not the same. I’ve colored my hair blonde for years so I didn’t think it was the coloring that made my hair break off so bad. The only other thing I could blame was my hormones after giving birth to Tristan.

Hey loves! Happy Sunday. Yesterday (Saturday) was a quiet and relaxing day for me. My son Trey was spending time with his grandparents and my husband Brad was out and about handling business, so I was home alone all day….Something that doesn’t happen often in the Munroe house. When I tell you it was quiet, it was quiet. No Barney and friends playing in the  background, no sound of Trey running and playing around the house, no sound of my husband on the phone working out details of real estate deal. Total silence. It was kinda weird for a moment