4 Tips on How To Be Consistent!

OMG so this topic needed to be talked about. Specifically because, its personal. I need to be more consistent in many areas of my life. I stumbled across a quote which stated ” If you want to be successful, be consistent.” Boy, did that hit home. When I look back on my journey of entrepreneurship, one thing that stood out is inconsistency. If I started something, often times I didn’t finish it. Not because I didn’t have goals to finish what I started, but because I allowed so many distractions to get in the way of my goals, which caused me to make excuses for taking an extended break, or putting things off till later, or just simply not doing what I needed to do when it needed to be done. Those distractions were fear, procrastination, other peoples thoughts of me, doubt. I can go on and on but you get the idea. So today, I just want to share with you four tips that have helped me in areas of my life where I haven’t been consistent.  My hope is that these tips will also help you to be consistent in all areas of your life and we can all be some consistent fab mamas!! 🙂


Here’s my 4 tips on being consistent:


  1. Plan ahead

I find that when I prepare my meals in advance for the week, I am able to be consistent with eating healthy. Or when I schedule my work out for the week, I tend to go to the gym consistently. Planning ahead definitely helps me to be consistent with my clean eating and workouts. One thing I vowed to work on is blogging consistently. I really struggle in this area. Having a calendar/schedule for blog posts is key. I read an article and they mentioned making a schedule for your posts. So I’m currently working on my blog post schedule so that I can be more consistent with my posts frequency. Don’t you all want to see me write more 😉  Well, good. So keep an eye out. If you see more consistent blog posts, then you’ll know I’ve been placing my blog posts on the calendar so that there is consistency in the frequency of my posts. So remember, whatever you set out to do, plan ahead so that you’re prepared to tackle whatever goal it is you want to accomplish.


  1. Find an accountability partner

Do you have a bestie that you share your dreams, goals, and aspirations with? Good! For me, this person is either my husband, Brad, or one of my longtime friends Gena. Both Brad and Gena are entrepreneurs so they understand the entrepreneur lifestyle and can relate to my crazy ideas, dreams and aspirations. Let me tell you, you can’t share your aspirations and dreams with just any body. Some of your friends might not relate and won’t be able to push you or remind you to stay focused. When I share my life and business goals with Brad and Gena, they hold me accountable for what I say I’m going to accomplish. Every so often, I am asked, “did you work on this?” or “did you start doing what you talked about?” And I need to be able to answer affirmatively. I don’t want to let myself down neither do I want to let my friends down.


  1. Brush off those hater thoughts

You ever pack your gym bag and then when it time to go, a thought pops up in your mind and says “I don’t feel like going to the gym,i’m tired.” Yeah, that was me almost every day for the past two weeks. Yeah,  so this one is so for me. 😉  Ladies, Ignore those thoughts and stick to your guns!! We all get those kind of thoughts. of “not feeling like it today”. Shoot, I had that thought as I was writing this blog post. lol. Honestly, i’m about to be transparent with you all, procrastinating is my biggest road block. I really hate that I procrastinate.  I’ve been really pushing myself to stay focused and driven to do what I need to do when I need to do it!! Its not easy but it shall be done!! So, when you have that “I don’t feel like it today” thought ( I call it a hater thought because it’s hating on my progression), have a little talk with yourself and say, “I know I don’t feel like it, but I have no other choice because it needs to get done now.” Please let me know how that works for you all. It works for me, most of the time. 😉


  1. Focus on your “why’

Why are you doing it? Looking at the bigger picture will often help you to push through those long nights writing or doing whatever it is you do, pushing through that tired body and getting that work out it, etc. When I set time aside to work out daily, I remember that I need to stay fit and healthy so that I can live the life I dreamed with my husband and kids. A life full of energy, self-care, positivity and joy. I necessarily don’t love the gym but I love how I feel after I work out! I necessarily don’t love getting less than 7 hours sleep, but I love the results I get when I stay up a little longer in order to accomplish a goal. So people, it’s all about your why!! Continue to ask yourself this question and you’ll be determined to be keep going!


I hope these 4 tips are helpful to you. And please, if you have additional tips on being consistent, feel free to leave a comment so that we all can get some insight and gain more wisdom on how to be consistent in all aspects of our lives.


Thanks for reading and sharing 😉




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    M.W Hudson
    July 1, 2017

    Hey guys, so I’m not a mom, nor am I even a woman… I know u want to know why I’m here. To be honest I came here to do some market research for my business to find out what mom are up to so I can maybe i can find and offer a product of value. My bussness is stll young. Anyways,I stumbled across this article and thought it was awsome it gave me a boost in confidence. I relate to all four tip.


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